I was raised in Copan and went to school there, graduating in ’95. I went to NSU for a bit and ended up back here in Bartlesville to work and that’s when I became a third generation union worker. In the past 24 years I’ve become the committee chairman and the vice president of the executive board of IUOE Local 351.

I will take my union experience and the tools I’ve learned to Congress. To represent people you must first learn how to listen to people. You must be able to hear what the body wants to do, listen to the company, then come up with a solution that works for both parties. That approach is what is missing from our government. We’re taking party sides instead of listening to the people about what needs to be addressed. I will always represent the interest of my constituents in CD 2, regardless of what party affiliation they may have.

My experience negotiating union contracts and coming to agreements will help make Congress a more functional place so it will work for the people. The Union way has always be the way of the working class. Unions have always been at the front of the line when it comes to demanding higher wages, safe working environments, and having a life where the employee and their families come first. That is exactly what you are getting with Brandon Wade. You are getting a Proud Union man that comes from rural Oklahoma and understands Oklahomans. I believe it is time we start helping one and another and get Congress to start working for the people again. Join me in this campaign and become part of the movement that brings Real Representation back to Congress!

“I’ve been to seven of counties in CD2 and I plan to visit them all. I will meet with anyone, regardless of their party. I am working for the people — and I obviously have Democratic party ideals but in Congress I will have been sent to work for all the people. So I will be taking the union approach to that: you’ve got to work for the majority of your base.”

Brandon Wade for CD2