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Brandon Wade guest speaker at Pittsburg County Monthly Meeting

Brandon was the guest speaker at the Pittsburg County Democrats Monthly meeting on Saturday October 21. There was a great crowd full of questions for how Brandon would represent them and the rest of CD2. Among the questions ask was his take on Social Security, Healthcare, Immigration and the southern border, the situation with Israel, and his stance on handling Marijuana on the federal level. Brandon addressed each of these subjects in detail, as well as, other topics like Living Wage and Education.

Brandon stated he would absolutely fight to protect Social security, while also working to improve on its current state. He stated that he wants to see the taxable maximum be eliminated. He explained how he feels healthcare should be a basic right for all US citizens and he would like to create a healthcare for all system that provides quality healthcare at the lowest possible rate. He feels the government can accomplish this and provide it by negotiating the best possible rate and controlling the cost of prescription drugs. One of the questions on immigration was about the wall. He stated he felt the wall was a waste of taxpayers money and we should use that money to address the real problem. He believes the real problem is an outdated and busted immigration system. We need to spend the money on more judges and social workers to handle the incoming flow of immigrants. We must provide a quicker path to citizenship and not make it so complicated to become a U.S. citizen. He also believes we must reach out to the countries these immigrants are coming from to try to work on the real issue that is bringing the immigrants this way. Brandon enjoyed and encouraged the questions from the full room of CD2 voters and can’t wait to return for more discussions.